Can I apply to host a drive by myself?
We recommend that each team consists of at least 2 volunteers, however we are willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis. In the event that you are unable to find a partner to host a drive with, we recommend that you submit an application and list yourself as both the Head Volunteer/Liaison and Drive Administrator.
How often will we meet with the Her Drive Exec Team?
We will have weekly check-in meetings with volunteers. These meetings are MANDATORY, and volunteers must attend each meeting in order to receive service hour credit. If you cannot attend a meeting, you must notify the Exec Team 24 hours in advance.
What if I don’t have a FB/Twitter/Instagram account? Can I still apply?
If you or another team member does not have a FB/Twitter/IG social media account and does not meet the “II: Social Media” requirements, you can still apply to host a drive. We understand that not everyone is active on social media and we take this into account in our consideration of each volunteer team.
What do we do with the donations that we collect?
The donations you collect are donated to an organization, shelter, program, etc. of your choice in your local community. Please note, the donation recipient(s) must be approved by the Her Drive Executive Team prior to distributing the items. A donation receipt must also be obtained from each recipient organization indicating the contents and counts of the items donated, and the receipt must be emailed to herdriveco@gmail.com prior to the conclusion of your drive.


How do we know where funds are going?
Her Drive Co. along with its executive team is entirely volunteer led. Less than 5% of funds go towards covering the cost of shipping and filing fees. The remaining funds go towards purchasing menstrual care, general hygiene products, and new bras in bulk for reservation communities, Title I schools, and other local programs in need of these items.
What accountability do you have as a charitable organization?
As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, we are responsible for filing an annual information return that outlines all financial transactions, otherwise known as the IRS “Form 990”. Therefore, we keep detailed books of every donation and transaction.
Could someone write a check?
Checks must be made out to Her Drive, CO. and mailed to our official address. Contact us for more details.
Have more questions? Email us at herdriveco@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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